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English Grammar Tenses explained in मराठी

We may define tense as that form of a verb which shows the state of an action/event. Read more

Author: Mr. Nawale Sudam Balasaheb
Published On: 01-Oct-2016

LAW admission process 2016 for 3 year and 5 year LLB courses

There are no minimum passing marks as such but based on your CET score and ranking you will be able to secure admissions in LAW colleges. Rankings are generally based on your score, reservation category and gender. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 11-Jul-2016

Books for LLB MH-CET 2016 preparation

Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge with Current affairs, Logical Reasoning, English, Analytical Reasoning Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 20-May-2016

कशी करावी Law-CET ची तयारी

तीन वर्षीय पदवी अभ्यासक्रम आणि पाच वर्षीय पदवी अभ्यासक्रमासाठी येत्या शैक्षणिक वर्षात तुम्ही प्रवेश घेण्याचे ठरविले असल्यास तुम्हाला राज्यस्तरीय सामायिक प्रवेश प्रक्रिया (CET) ला सामोरे जावे लागणार आहे. येत्या १८ जून २०१६ Law (CET) पाच वर्षीय पदवी अभ्यासक्रम व १९ जून २०१६ Law (CET) तीन वर्षीय पदवी अभ्यासक्रमसाठी सामायिक प्रवेश परीक्षा घेण्यात येणार आहे. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 25-Mar-2016

LAW CET 2016 for three year and five year LLB courses

From year 2016 Maharashtra state will be conducting first ever common entrance test (CET) for three and five year law programme. All private and government colleges will have to admit students only through centralised system. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 18-Mar-2016