How to prepare for LAW CET 2024 and score more than 100?

Published On: 3/9/2024
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If you've chosen to pursue on a career in the legal field or law, obtaining a law degree is essential. You have the option to enrol in a 3-year law degree program after completing your graduation, or you can opt for a 5-year law degree course after completing higher secondary school (i.e., 12th grade). It is imperative to submit the application form for MHLAW CET 2024 before the extended deadline, which is March 18, 2024, for the 5-year course, as specified on the official MAH CET Cell website.

Hall tickets for the 3-year course of the 2024 MAH LAW CET have been released for candidates who submitted their applications starting March 3, 2024. The admit card or hall ticket is a crucial document required for participating in the LAW CET 2024 exam. It includes vital information like seat number, center name, center address, reporting time, and important instructions.

The MH LAW CET 2024 for the 3-year course is set to take place on the 12th and 13th of March 2024, with only a few days remaining for preparation. While many of you may have completed your readiness for all MH LAW CET topics, the last few days are particularly crucial. Following these points may enhance your performance, allowing you to achieve higher marks and secure admission to a top law colleges in Maharashtra.

To gain admission to the top law colleges in Maharashtra for the 3-year Law course, it is essential to achieve a minimum score of 110 out of 150 marks. However, even if you fall short of the 110 marks in the LAW CET, there is still an opportunity to secure admission to law colleges in Maharashtra. Notably, there are approximately 17,000 seats available for the 3-year Law Course in the state.

Here are some tips to score more marks and secure admission for 3 Year LAW Course in Maharashtra.

Know Exam Pattern: There are 150 multiple choice questions with 1 mark each. You have to solve 150 questions in 120 minutes time, which means you will have less than a minute to read, analyse and solve question. You must be really quick and efficient in solving questions in MH LAW CET exam. .

Know Your Subjects: MH LAW CET 2024 exam is divided into 4 topics. The topics are as given below.

Subjects for MH LLB CET

The subjects for the three-year LL.B Course in the LAW CET are as follows:

Sr. No. Subject Marks
1 Legal Aptitude 30 Marks
2 General Knowledge with current affairs 40 Marks
3 Logical and Analytical Reasoning 30 Marks
4 English 50 Marks
Total 150 Marks

Micro Planning: To achieve higher scores in MH LAW CET, it's advisable to plan at a micro level. Identify both your strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing the areas where you can maximize your scores.

Rapid Fire Time saving questions: English and General Knowledge with current affairs are the topics which you can score more and they have nearly 90 Marks in MH LAW CET Exam. You should plan to solve these questions at rapid pace and save as much time as possible for topics like Legal Aptitude and Logical and Analytical Reasoning which may take more time in solving.

Keep at the End:Legal Aptitude and Logical and Analytical Reasoning questions may require additional time for reading, analysis, and solving. If you are not completely confident in your preparation for these topics, it is advisable to keep them towards the end. As the name suggests, Logical and Analytical Reasoning questions need careful reading before providing an answer. With the understanding that there are only 120 minutes for 150 questions, it is essential to solve each question in well under one minute to complete the paper and achieve a higher score.

A strategic approach to scoring more is to leave the time-consuming Legal Aptitude and Logical Analytical Reasoning questions for the end, allowing you to attempt a maximum number of questions. For the 5-year MH LAW CET, you may also consider leaving the 10-mark Maths questions for the end, as these questions typically take more than a minute to solve.

Practice is the Key: To enhance your speed, it's crucial to engage in extensive practice, as it serves as the key to training your brain. Practice by solving previous papers and questions, focusing on frequently asked topics. Take advantage of mock tests and practice exams for MH LAW CET to further refine your skills.

Positivity : Maintaining a positive mindset is most important. Approach the law CET exam with positivity, and success is undoubtedly within your reach. Gopract.com wishes you all the best. .


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