Best way to prepare for LAW CET

MH-LAW CET Mock Test

The admission notice is out and its time to prepare yourself for the LAW admission test in May. We have shared some tips which can help you in devising the strategy and preparing for the test. There is no substitute for thorough review and knowledge of subject matter and this post will help you in planning and acquiring good test taking skills.

Tip #1 Make up your mind: Picking up LAW as a career is one of the big decisions of your life. Many people think of giving MH CET Law Exam just because their peers and friends are giving. Until the time you are not prepared to take it up as a career, our sincere advice would be not to appear for the test. This is because you won’t be able to give your best and the results could be depressing. If you are sure to pursue career in law and you aim to get into one of the prestigious institutions with LAW Admission test then tie your belts for a hard working ride!

Tip #2 Know your exam: Before you prepare a strategy of preparing for the exam, you should know how the exam is structured.MH Law CET has four sections of English, Aptitude, reasoning and General Knowledge. Each section carries different marks and should be focused based on your strengths and weakness. You might be strong in aptitude and reasoning which only fetch 60 marks or you might be strong in English but not in GK. So, before you start preparing it is significant to know what sections of your exam require extra focus.

Tip #3 Follow a good action plan: Everyone has one’s own action plan. Few students prefer to finish section wise while some students prefer reading all four of them simultaneously. You can devise your action plan and set targets. Current affairs is a topic which you should read daily and for other sections you may set your targets.

Tip #4 Invest in study materials: The exam doesn’t have a strict syllabus and thus you would have to rely on books which are out there. Our team rates few of the books for every section which you may buy for preparation. You can browse through the books at Books List LAW-MH-CET 2016 for LLB and follow the hyperlink to complete your purchase. There are wide varieties of study packages which are available online.

Tip #5 Take mock tests: Mock tests are the perfect way to prepare for law entrance examination. They help you in learning time management and devising the strategy for the D-day. You learn to perform under pressure which saves you from unexpected results on the main examination day. You can get some of the refined and structured mock tests on PRO services of GoPract.com

These are prepared with strict pattern and structure as is expected in main examination. If you pickup previous year examinations and our mock tests of those years, you can see the conversion rate. Our team invests a lot in preparing everyMH Law CET Mock test.Always ensure not to use test taking as a substitute for studying.

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