MPSC Competitive Exams (मराठी)

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The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is a body created for selecting candidates for civil services jobs in Maharashtra state, some candidates call it MahaMPSC .

Our website has a dedicated MPSC question paper with answer in Marathi to help out candidates preparing MPSC Marathi Online. Here we provide MPSC Questions online in Marathi with answers and candidates can practice as many number of times they wish, absolutely free. Our MPSC online Mock tests are made up of 10 unique questions and you will get results immediately after you finish. You can review your answers immediately after MPSC online test paper and don’t have to register or provide any email address.

Useful for MPSC PSI, Sales Tax Officers, Tax Assistant and Other state government exams in Marathi, MPSC (मराठी) सामान्य विज्ञान, इतिहास , भूगोल(भारत), नागरीक शास्त्र, अर्थशास्त्र, अंकगणित, बुद्धिमता चाचणी

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S  SONALI RAHANGDALE Commented On: 21-Feb-2024

Your best

S  SHUBHANGI JADHAV Commented On: 17-Jan-2024

Test series pasnd aai jii

P  POOJA SINGH Commented On: 11-Nov-2019

Provide information that is very good so we will be ready

P  PRADHNYA LONDHAY Commented On: 14-Oct-2019

very nice mpsc che exam denya sathe aplyala graduation complete karavach lagtey ka graduation complete kerat exam nahe ka deu shakat

R  RAKESH Commented On: 03-Oct-2019

Hello Sir, 1.can other state candidates appear for the MPSC exam? then what is the criteria? 2.currently my age is 37 years (22/07/1982), will I get 1 attempt or 2 attempts. please let me know.

S  SHIVANI SANJAY BHAVSAR Commented On: 20-Jun-2019

This app is very useful to mpsc exam.. Khrch kup chan ahe yamule student na examchi tyari sathi useful asel..

P  PUJA CHACHANE Commented On: 13-Jun-2019

Sir, khup chan hot bt mpsc group c che que pahije hote

S  SHRUTI KANTHI Commented On: 22-May-2019

I want, in online Marathi grammar question paper Exam include maximum questions. one question not repeat again and more types change questions. It's really useful and important test papers for every student who want to give competitive exams..Thank you so much..Please explain a every answer briefly in test results that will important to improve practice

S  SHRUTI Commented On: 20-May-2019

it is very useful for the student like me who are practicing the tests of mpsc upsc. but i have a doubt also on the answers of these questions so please give answers of test series in detail which will be easy to the students like me to understand the answer's of that proper question

S  SHRUTI KANTHI Commented On: 15-May-2019

thanku so much for this website becasuse of this website i can able to solve the questions

R  RAMESHWAR MORE Commented On: 15-May-2019

Tumaca ha app all indiaat bari aahe i love it me aata 12th madhe aahe me aatapasoonach mpsc or upsc chi practice karat aahe tar tumache abhar thanks you .

Y  YASH KHANDARE Commented On: 27-Apr-2019

Khup important info ahe.... Yacha pratyek exam sathi bharpur benefit hot ahe.... Update test det raha.... Thanks for helping us

S  SHUBHANGI C. SONAWANE Commented On: 06-Apr-2018

Khup chhan prakare tumhi pratyek gostiche vishleshan kele ahe. Thanks. ashich mahiti aamhala tumhi purvat ja. tyacha aamhala khup upayog hoil.

 प्रवीणकुमार विजयकुमार मुंडे Commented On: 28-Mar-2018

This app is very useful for MPSC. All the best

S  S A PATANKAR Commented On: 05-Feb-2018

Can you give me addresses for M P S C classes in Mumbai

P  PRADIP PAWAR Commented On: 24-Jan-2018

Talathi orrianted bhugol send plz

S  SHIVPRASAD SWAMI Commented On: 31-Dec-2017

Very nice n unique attempt for preparatoy students in rural n tribal areas

V  VARSHA Commented On: 28-Dec-2017

it is very good for MPSC

P  PRASAD SAHARE Commented On: 29-Nov-2017

Thalathi che paper paheje

Y  YASMIN Commented On: 29-Oct-2017

Test paper madhe bhugol sathi seperate maharashtacha bhugol test paper solve karnyasathi hava aahe plz deu shakta ka

S  SURAJ MORE Commented On: 08-Oct-2017

This test is benificial for all competitive exam prepairing students

S  SATYAWAN Commented On: 12-Sep-2017

Mpsc all paper 2017

R  REENA Commented On: 27-Aug-2017

It's really useful and important test papers for every student who want to give competitive exams..Thank you so much..Please explain a every answer briefly in test results that will important to improve practice

A  AKSHAY RAUT Commented On: 16-Aug-2017

this is a way to learn much more in mpsc exam

H  HARSHITA Commented On: 29-Jun-2017

its very good , but, I also need test for English grammar. so, please start it.

R  RAJKUMAR NAGORAO GUNDE Commented On: 01-Jun-2017

I want, in online Marathi grammar question paper Exam include maximum questions. one question not repeat again and more types change questions.

R  RASHIDKHAN Commented On: 15-May-2017

Thanks ( http://gopract.com/StudExamDetails.aspx?ExamID=13 ) Really #Awsome Website...I always learn here something new.

V  VIRENDRA ISALKAR Commented On: 12-May-2017

Hello Sir..........its very nice Que. Papers, i really like it, and its very useful, and sir plz upload everyday new Que papers, thank you so much...................!!

S  SUHAS SATHE Commented On: 05-May-2017

Sir plz Agri question

D  DHANSHRI KORE Commented On: 03-May-2017

It is a very good questions are all student. .plz start current evant questions..thank you

S  SURAJ GHAWARE Commented On: 03-May-2017

Please start subject for English grammar

P  PAY Commented On: 02-May-2017

mala vicharyche aahe ki jar mala mpsc exam marti madhe dyachi aahe tar . rajistration madhe lagwage choose option nahi yet ka

A  ANIL CHAVAN Commented On: 01-May-2017

Sir plz guidance for mpsc clerk

A  AISHU Commented On: 28-Apr-2017

its very useful for exam..and general knowledge

R  RAJESHRI GAIKWAD Commented On: 27-Apr-2017

very nice for competative study

S  SANDHYA MANIK KARPE Commented On: 27-Apr-2017

हया टेस्‍टमुळे आमचे खुप प्रश्‍न सुटतात

A  ABRAM SHAIKH Commented On: 12-Apr-2017

Nice All comparative Exam Help Fully

S  SAYLI JAGTAP Commented On: 08-Apr-2017

It is very useful for competative exam...

O  OMKESH JAGTAP Commented On: 07-Apr-2017


S  SANDIP CHAUDHARI Commented On: 01-Apr-2017

This program has verified well for comparative or examiner

A  ANIKET NIRWAL Commented On: 01-Apr-2017

it is really usefull questions for all students /candidates of exam

G  GAUTTAM KAMBLE Commented On: 30-Mar-2017

Pls chalu ghadamodi ha sub chalu kara

P  PANKAJ GAVALI Commented On: 23-Mar-2017

it is very good for MPSC

B  BHATE SHITAL BHAUSAHEB Commented On: 15-Mar-2017

The information given here is very important for the study of the exam. Thank you Sir.

S  SHAIKH AFROZ Commented On: 07-Mar-2017

it is very nyc test bt plz update the questions

P  PRASHANT BORADE Commented On: 05-Mar-2017

some question paper is very important in MPSC exam

A  ANANT SHINDE Commented On: 03-Mar-2017

Intelligence test che and solve karun with exapin karun det Java.......well nice

 करपे रामनाथ व्‍यंकटराव Commented On: 28-Feb-2017

खुप छान या चाचणीमुळे मोठया प्रमाणात विध्‍यार्थांचे प्रश्‍न सुटतात....

A  ASHOK BANGE Commented On: 14-Feb-2017

It's good test series

R  RAHUL RAUT Commented On: 14-Feb-2017

Very best for mpsc

P  PANKAJ BALAJI DHUMAL Commented On: 07-Feb-2017

some question paper is very important in MPSC exam

R  RUKSANA SHEIKH Commented On: 04-Feb-2017

please start english grammer test .. overall present test are good.

M  MAYUR BHOSALE Commented On: 24-Jan-2017

This practice set is very good & important question .

R  RAJENDRA DHAVADE Commented On: 21-Jan-2017



Nice test .per current event ki test exam ke level me aani chhiye

B  BADRINATH KAKAD Commented On: 21-Jan-2017

S .T. I

A  AJIT BHASKAR Commented On: 20-Jan-2017

खुपच छान टेस्ट

A  AMOL CHINCHOLE Commented On: 17-Jan-2017

Very nice test practice for competitive exam

S  SHILPA KHANDARE Commented On: 17-Jan-2017

Plz start the English test... All test very good

S  SANTOSH SHINDE Commented On: 16-Jan-2017

Nice test for practice thanks......

S  SAKSHI HIRBHAGAT Commented On: 13-Jan-2017

Its an amazing test really I like it

R  ROHIT Commented On: 08-Jan-2017

Nice tests of all subjects

D  DHAMMAPAL SONUNE Commented On: 08-Jan-2017


P  PZ START चालु घडामोडी Commented On: 07-Jan-2017

Its amazing

R  ROHIT KAGILKAR Commented On: 05-Jan-2017

It's goof for exam

K  KHODASKAR Commented On: 11-Dec-2016

plze start the english test &very good test all subject

V  VITTHAL Commented On: 18-Nov-2016

good test

G  GOPRACT Commented On: 08-Nov-2016

@Sumedh, Thank you for pointing out the error, we have made the changes and answer is corrected.
Thanks again!

S  SUMEDH WAKODE Commented On: 08-Nov-2016

Some questions has totally wrong ex. Narmada and tapti river saperated by which mountain? Correct answer is satpuda but given answer is arawali.

G  GOPRACT Commented On: 27-Oct-2016

Thank You Devendra!
Please share with your friends.

D  DEVENDRA DAMRE Commented On: 26-Oct-2016

mla khup avdali he test

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