Best GK Book for All Competitive Exams in 2023

Published On: 9/10/2023
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Choosing the best General Knowledge (GK) book for competitive exams in 2023 can be subjective, as it depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, I can recommend some popular GK books that have been widely appreciated by candidates preparing for various competitive exams in India. Here are a few highly recommended GK books:

1. Manorama Yearbook 2023:

The Manorama Yearbook serves as an extensive reservoir of contemporary happenings and general knowledge. Encompassing a diverse array of subjects such as domestic and international events, sports, science, technology, and more, it receives annual updates. Furthermore, the Manorama Yearbook caters to a broader demographic in India by offering versions in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, and Malayalam. It augments comprehension through the incorporation of maps, graphs, and photographs, which prove especially beneficial for elucidating intricate information. You can procure it from various retailers, with Amazon being a reliable choice due to its hassle-free cash-on-delivery and return options. You can grab your copy at https://amzn.to/44MgQGQ

2. Lucent's General Knowledge 2023:

Lucent's General Knowledge (GK) book has garnered immense popularity among individuals who are diligently preparing for competitive examinations. This comprehensive resource has earned its acclaim by offering a well-rounded understanding of a myriad of subjects, making it an indispensable tool for aspirants across various academic disciplines and job sectors.

Lucent's GK book, with its user-friendly approach, serves as a reliable companion in the pursuit of knowledge and success. It expertly covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the annals of history to the intricacies of geography, from the complexities of economics to the nuances of current affairs. Its informative content empowers aspirants with the essential facts and insights necessary for excelling in competitive exams. You can grab your copy at https://amzn.to/45ZwAYa

3. Arihant General Knowledge 2023:

Arihant's GK book is known for its vast coverage of topics. It includes practice questions and previous years' question papers, making it helpful for exam preparation.

The book's well-structured format is another reason behind its popularity. Topics are presented in a logical sequence, facilitating a smooth learning journey. Whether it's someone preparing for government job exams, entrance tests, or even interviews, Arihant's GK book equips them with the essential knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to excel in their respective fields. https://amzn.to/3PagofZ

4. Pearson General Knowledge Manual 2023:

Pearson's General Knowledge Manual is another excellent resource for competitive exams. It offers in-depth information on a wide range of subjects.

One of the distinguishing features of Pearson's General Knowledge Manual is its depth of information. It delves into a vast array of subjects, leaving no important topic untouched. From history, geography, and economics to science, technology, and current affairs, this manual offers an in-depth exploration of each subject matter. It goes beyond surface-level information, providing readers with the detailed knowledge and insights necessary for excelling in competitive exams. https://amzn.to/3rgwWuJ

5. Pratiyogita Darpan 2023:

This monthly magazine covers current affairs and general knowledge topics. It's especially helpful for staying updated on recent events and is available in both English and Hindi.

Pratiyogita Darpan often includes solved question papers from previous years' exams, helping aspirants understand the exam pattern, question types, and difficulty levels. This is valuable for practicing and gaining confidence. The magazine often features interviews with successful candidates who share their preparation strategies and experiences. It also provides guidance on career options, exam strategies, and tips for effective time management during exams. https://amzn.to/3LdkEKj

6. India Year Book 2023:

Issued by the Government of India, the India Year Book serves as a credible repository of data pertaining to government policies, initiatives, and statistical information. It proves particularly advantageous for examinations like the Civil Services Examination. This publication is meticulously crafted to cater to the requirements of individuals gearing up for competitive assessments such as UPSC Civil Services, SSC, Banking, Railways, as well as state-level examinations. It delivers tailored content encompassing solved question papers, practice exercises, and simulated tests, all of which are indispensable components for effective exam readiness. https://amzn.to/44Ln3mD

7. NCERT Books:

For a strong foundation in GK, you can also refer to NCERT textbooks from classes 6 to 12, especially for history, geography, economics, and science topics. https://amzn.to/45HSfVh

8. Online Resources:

Apart from traditional books, it's advisable to explore online resources, including websites, mobile applications, and YouTube channels that are specifically designed to aid in competitive exam preparation. Platforms like Jagran Josh, Gradeup, Examrace, and, of course, Gopract, provide complimentary study materials and keep you updated with current affairs.

Remember that while these books can be valuable for your GK preparation, it's essential to supplement your study with newspapers, magazines, and online sources to stay updated with the latest current affairs and developments in various fields. Additionally, practice with previous years' question papers and mock tests to assess your knowledge and improve your exam-taking skills.


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