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Trigonometric functions

When the trigonometric functions are reflected from certain angles, the result is often one of the other trigonometric functions. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 24-Aug-2017

Hyperbolic Functions

In mathematics, hyperbolic functions are analogs of the ordinary trigonometric, or circular functions. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 24-Aug-2017

How to prepare for Maths in competitive exams?

Quantitative section is roughly around half of the question paper – directly or indirectly. It may include questions ranging from Algebra to Geometry & Data interpretation to Data sufficiency. No examination is deemed to be complete without a major role of this section. Read more

Author: Shubham Arora
Published On: 07-Aug-2017

संख्या व संख्याचे प्रकार

संख्या व संख्याचे प्रकार,समसंख्या – ज्या संख्येला २ ने पूर्ण भाग जातो त्या संख्येला समसंख्या म्हणतात. विषमसंख्या – ज्या संख्येला २ ने पूर्ण भाग जात नाही त्या संख्येला विषम संख्या म्हणतात. Read more

Author: Mr.kale Gorkhashnath
Published On: 24-Jul-2017

Roman Numerals & Measures Part 1

Roman Numerals & Measures Part 1 Read more

Published On: 20-Jul-2017

English Grammar Tenses explained in मराठी

We may define tense as that form of a verb which shows the state of an action/event. Read more

Author: Mr. Nawale Sudam Balasaheb
Published On: 01-Oct-2016

Importance of NCERT Text book in preparation of Competitive Exams

The NCERT designs textbooks, support material, training programmes etc. to meet diverse needs of country. Based on NCERT designed syllabus and text books individual state boards create books. Therefore preparing for competitive exams without NCERT text books is not easy. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 29-Aug-2016

How to score more marks in English?

English is an important subject in Banking Exams, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC, MPSC, UGC NET SET, MH-CET for LAW, CLAT, MH-CET for BED, MH-TET, Entrance Exams and other Competitive Exams. Following are important topics In English and proper strategy is required for each topic. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 14-Aug-2016

Top 5 tips to score good Marks in Competitive Exams

Any Competitive exam questions are so designed so that very few people taking test are able to complete them all in the time that is allotted to them. It’s pretty much a survival of the fittest as there is a lot of pressure on those taking the tests. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 12-Aug-2016

How to Prepare For Aptitude Tests?

Aptitude tests are used by most organizations to screen candidates for a job interview and as a part of entrance examinations for various educational institutions. They are designed with the specific purpose of assessing the candidate’s ability and knowledge in one or more areas. Read more

Author: Admin
Published On: 04-Mar-2016

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