How to Prepare For Aptitude Tests?

Aptitude Test Preparation

Aptitude tests are used by most organizations to screen candidates for a job interview and as a part of entrance examinations for various educational institutions. They are designed with the specific purpose of assessing the candidate’s ability and knowledge in one or more areas.

An online aptitude test is usually held under examination conditions with strict timing. The aptitude test questions are basically a series of multiple choice questions that get progressively difficult as the test goes on.

Aptitude test questions are so designed so that very few people taking an online aptitude test are able to complete them all in the time that is allotted to them. It’s pretty much a survival of the fittest as there is a lot of pressure on those taking the tests.

At the completion of a reasoning test or an online aptitude test, your score is compared not just to that of the other applicants taking the test as well with that of the group. Your performance in a reasoning test or aptitude test is a good indicator of your ability to be able to cope with the demands of the position that you are applying for.

Practice Aptitude Tests

There is no substitute to practice. Practice aptitude tests as much as possible. Take free online aptitude tests. It is only through relentless practice that you will be able to perform better at them. You can start off by practicing as many free online aptitude tests as possible at Free Aptitude Tests

Avoid Distraction

While taking free online aptitude test for practice, it is important to cut off all distractions. Turn off the TV, phone, music and everything else. Ask your family members or friends not to disturb you and don’t go on a break while taking the test.

Start with the Basics

Prepare for the tests by studying the basics. Go through the fundamentals of mathematics, as that is a must. Study the other subjects that are relevant to your test. Master your academic syllabus. Concentrate on the fundamentals; don’t neglect any topic as questions can come from anywhere. Revise the important concepts as much as possible.

Solve Model Papers

Solve model papers and the previous year’s papers. Familiarize yourself with the pattern and structure of the questions, practice as much as possible and build up speed as you go along. Time is a critical factor during these tests. Practice solving as many aptitude test questions as possible in the allotted time.

Adopt a Systematic Approach

Learn to perform calculations faster. Try to solve the problems using conventional methods first. If they don’t help you solve the problem in quick time, look at other approaches such as shortcut methods. Concentrate hard while using these methods; make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the steps.


Memorize critical formulas, tables, equations, theorems, cube roots, square roots and more. Write them down first on a sheet of paper and memorize them as well as possible. Keep the paper close to you and look up everything you have written every once in a while. Don’t stop still you have completely mastered everything written on the paper.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

While practicing for a reasoning test or a quantitative test, identify topics that you are strong at and be aware of those that you’re not all that good at. Don’t neglect your weak points, work hard on these topics, if required take a coaching class from a teacher or a senior to help you get better at them.

Read the Aptitude Test Questions Carefully

This goes without saying – you need to read the aptitude test questions very carefully and understand them before attempting to answer. Even the smallest mistake here can make a mess of the whole test.

Don’t Get Stuck

Time is most important in an online aptitude test; don’t get stuck in a particular question. If you find it to be too hard or feel you are wasting precious time on it, just move on. Try it later after you have finished the remaining questions.

Don’t Just Guess

Many aptitude tests use negative marking, so don’t just guess your answers. Be very sure of what you are doing. It’s better to leave a question that you are not confident about alone than to attempt a half-hearted answer.


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