Tips to Improve Quantitative Aptitude Skills!

Quantitative Ability Tests is organized to test the candidate’s ability to solve numerical problems and to handle numerical data. If we talk about the CAT exam, it is one of the most scoring section for aspirants; but of course, only for those who have great mathematical skills and can mess with numbers with more accuracy. Candidates who have a poor hand on numerical data may lose the chance to climb the higher rank.

The Quantitative Aptitude section in any exam is used to test a candidate’s ability to understand and make analysis; instead of cramming. Note that, every problem listed in this section used to be unique and need the application of different formulas and tricks to find an accurate solution. In case if you are looking for some tips to improve your skills to solve the quantitative aptitude section in exams; we advise you to go through the tips below:

Avoid the fear of numbers:

It is high time to understand that statistics and numbers are almost everywhere around us. Right from negotiating the price of some commodity in the market to making some important decisions about an organization; numbers play an important role in every part of our life. Still, some people find it difficult to solve numerical problems. In actual, it happens just because of the fear in their mind. Experts say that the very first step to improving your skills on Quantitative Aptitude is to become friends with the numbers,

Work on Accuracy:

This section is totally focused around formulas, numbers, and heavy calculations; moreover, the results are completely dependent on how you process the details. The most important aspect of this section is accuracy; even a small error can lead to serious troubles ahead. It is important to work on accuracy so that it can enhance your scores in the exam.

Practice more:

The best way to achieve accuracy in the quantitative exam is to practice more. When you have practiced solving questions from every section of Quantitative Aptitude; you can handle them well in exams as well. Experts advise doing regular practice so that your confidence can be improved, and it will soon enhance your accuracy levels as well. Try to get some good books to practice more problems.

Time utilization:

Time allocation to each section in the exam plays an essential role in deciding scores as well. If you spend all the time in one section, it will reduce your rank on other sections. The idea is to solve complex problems with more time allocation and simple ones with lesser. Try to maintain accuracy with your precise time allocation.

Work on conceptual details:

Students need to understand that mathematics is all about concepts. If you want to improve your scores, it is first important to understand concepts. Once you have a strong hold on the core details, it becomes easier to understand the entire problem, and you can easily find an adequate solution as well. Concepts can easily boost your score towards top ranking.


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