Inheritance in c++, top 5 questions and answers

Inheritance is the process of creating a new class by extending the functionality of an already existing class. Inheritance is an important aspect of object-oriented programming because it allows programmers to reuse existing classes and give them different behavior.

Let's see some inheritance questions that are important while preparing for CPP Interview.

1. What is inheritance in C++?

Inheritance is the process of creating a new class using an existing class as its basis. The new class inherits all of the features, properties, and methods of the original class.

Inheritance is useful for creating "is-a relationships" with existing classes.

The most common use for inheritance is to create a specialization of a generic base-class and thereby simplify its usage or extend it with additional features inheritance can also be used to implement "has-a relationships" between two classes in this case, one class provides some functionality and another utilizes that functionality this type of inheritance is called "composition"

2. What is the difference between a class and a base class?

A class is a blueprint for an object. A base class is the first step in creating a new class.

A base class is the building block for all other classes. There are different types of classes, including abstract, final, and static. A class can be created by using a base class as the blueprint. Classes are blueprints for objects while base classes are the first step in creating new classes.

3. What are the steps to create a child class?

The steps to create a child class are:

  1. Add a new class which inherits from the base class.
  2. Specify the name of the derived class in the New Class dialog box.
  3. Enter a name for the new method in a method stub in a code window and finish writing it later.
  4. Write code that overrides or implements methods from the base class, when necessary.
  5. Call inherited methods from within your own method, when appropriate or necessary by using "base".

4. How do you inherit from a base class?

Inheriting from a base class is the process of creating a new class that inherits from an existing, parent class.

Inheritance is a powerful feature of the CPP programming language. When writing a program in CPP, it's often necessary to inherit from one of the Base classes already written. Inheritance allows you to create new classes that share code with other classes, and also lets you override methods inherited from base classes.

There are several ways on how to inherit from a base class in CPP. They are

  • Constructor
  • Operator
  • Assignment
  • Copy construction
  • Destructor

5. What are the benefits of using inheritance in C++ programming?

Inheritance is a technique that helps programmers to reuse the code that has been developed for one class in another class. This technique allows for greater code reuse, and decreases development time.

Inheritance can lead to a reduction of the amount of code written from scratch, since it allows you to use an already existing implementation as a starting point for your own implementation. It also reduces the number of errors created by copying and pasting code from one class to another, as well as reducing the need for comments due to a decrease in redundancy.

Additionally, inheritance can be used as a way of providing extensibility by making some classes "hooks" into other classes.

To help you prepare for your CPP interview, why not try our MCQ on inheritance in c++ and other C++ interview questions? You can also find many other excellent resources to help you prepare. All the best for your technical interview!


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