Attention developers, these tips will help you ace your technical interviews!

Introduction: What is a Technical Interview?

A technical interview is one of the most crucial aspects of the hiring process. It is used by companies to gauge a potential candidate's technical skills and knowledge. Some people view it as an IQ test with questions that are meant to be difficult.

To succeed in a technical interview it is important to be prepared.

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What You Need to Know About Behavioural/Cultural Interviews?

Behavioural and cultural interviews are a way for employers to get to know the person behind the resume. They ask questions like: “Tell me about a time when you made an effort to help someone?” or “What would your friends say is your competitive edge?”

The behavioural interview questions are used in order to evaluate how well the candidate will fit into the company's culture. The interviewer will be evaluating how well they think that this person will perform in their organization and if they will be an asset for them. For example, if someone wants to work at a company that values teamwork, then they would want to find out if the candidate has good work ethics and can willingly cooperate with others. There is also a focus on four main categories: professional background, experience with the company's products/services, work style preferences, and personal values.

How Can You Prepare For A Technical Interview In The Best Way Possible?

The interviewer will have a list of several questions that are designed to test your programming skills or knowledge of other related topics. It's best to prepare for these interviews ahead of time by brushing up on your skills, learning about the technologies the company specializes in, and practicing with mock technical interviews. This way you can make sure you are prepared for any question that might be asked by an interviewer.

Technical interviews are a common practice in the software industry. They are an essential part of the hiring process to test candidates’ knowledge and skill in programming language, computer science, data structure, algorithm etc.

When you are preparing for technical interviews at your interviewers' company, it is important to know what type of questions they will ask you.

If you know what type of questions they will ask you at your interview, you can prepare for them.

Here are examples of some general coding problems that could be asked in an interview:
-Name three sorting algorithms?
-What does garbage collection do?
-What is the primary benefit of classes over structs?
-What is a binary tree?

The online MCQs are the best way to prepare for any programming test. The idea of questions and answers is very similar to the actual test.

A programming MCQ is a type of question that can be answered by selecting one or more correct options from a list of choices. These are usually given with the help of diagrams, symbols, or other visual representations. Programming MCQs are often used as part of interviews for programming jobs, exams for computer science degrees, and sometimes as an assessment within courses in computer science departments.

We noticed that the majority of our visitors often come to this site to practice for programming tests. So we have created a Quiz section where you can find out if you are ready. Test your technical skills with free MCQ tests by clicking here .

The Edugorilla website offers test series on different programming languages. Once taking the free exam, you may move up to a paid, technical topic test series.

All the Best for you technical Interview!


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