Signs in Indian Ghats and Mountain Roads

Hilly roads are more dangerous than other roads because of their steep ascent and descent. And when you drive on them, you need to be more careful about the sharp bends and steep slopes that may lead to an accident.

The most important thing is to be cautious while driving in steep descent, make sure to slow down before the sharp bend and always try not to stop if not necessary. It is also important to be cautious while driving in slippery sections, make sure your vehicle has good grip on the road surface.

And if there are rocks falling near your car, then it is best advised that you should stop near a safe place at least 400 meters away from it.

The Parivahan and roads department always cares for the safety of your travels and posts various signs to inform drivers about the terrain ahead.

You should always keep your eyes on the road and follow any information signs that may be present. These will warn you of any dangerous areas ahead of a hill or a sharp turn, we are giving you few parivahan signs with explanation as below.

Sign 1: Right Hair Pin Bend

The Right hairpin bend is a difficult and dangerous curve on a steep ascent or descent towards Right hand Side.

In order to take a turn safely, you must slow down before it, go slowly around it without allowing too much speed into the turn (which will cause your vehicle to 'unload'), then increase your speed gradually on exiting it. Steering too quickly will cause loss of control and lead to unintended behavior in vehicles.

Sign 2: Left Hair Pin Bend

The Left hairpin bend is a difficult and dangerous curve on a steep ascent or descent towards the left side.

Sign 3: Right Hand Curve

The curve on the right-hand side of the road is called a right-hand curve. Drivers should refrain from overtaking on curves.

Driving on a level curve when going from left to right is easier than driving on a hill because it provides less resistance and has less risk of an accident happening.

Sign 4: Left Hand Curve

The curve on the left-hand side of the road is called a left-hand curve.

Sign 5: Left Reverse Bend

Left Reverse Bend sign cautions the driver about the zigzag turn towards Left and then Right forming Z shaped turn toward Left. The driver should reduce speed when approaching this sign and maneuver the vehicle gently.

Right Reverse Bend

Driver should be careful as the Right Reverse Bend is a zigzag towards the Right and then to the left.

Two Way Traffic

The Two-Way traffic Ahead sign lets drivers know that they are coming up on an area where there is traffic in both directions.

Loose Gravel Ahead

Loose gravel - This sign indicates that loose pebbles and stones could be lying on the surface of the road.

Gravel surfaces lack grip compared to a sealed surface. The key difference between driving on gravel and a paved surface is that there's much less friction against the ground. The wheels can slip more easily, causing a greater chance for loss of control.

Rocks Falling

Falling rocks is a place where rocks often fall and fallen rocks is a place where many wait for the next big one to happen.

Drivers should wait at the safest place if rocks are falling and should drive carefully if fallen rocks are lying there.

Slippery Traffic Sign

The Slippery traffic sign comes into play when the road is wet and slippery and should be taken more seriously than usual - extra caution and attention should be paid while driving.

Drivers should reduce their speed and adopt a larger following distance. During turns, they should slow down and gradually come to a stop if necessary.

Steep Ascent

Steep Ascent road sign warns that there's a steep ascent ahead, so get ready to climb and put the vehicle in the appropriate gear. These signs are often posted by Parivahan and RTO on hilly roads which have steep elevation changes.

Steep Descent

Ahead, there is a steep descent and the driver should be prepared to descend by notifying the relevant gear.

Steep descent is a downward slope that can appear on many types of roads. Drivers should not speed up their vehicle on this type of road, as it may loosen its grip on the road and lose control.


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