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The Transport Department has started an online test for those seeking a learner’s licence (LL). Nationwide efforts are taken to computerise RTO services, network all offices and extend online services. Learning License is a necessary document to learn driving vehicle and to getting a permanent license after a driving test. Learning License allows you to learn driving with a regular and experienced driver i.e. you can learn driving with a friend, relative or instructor who holds a valid driving licence. And don’t forget to put ‘L’ sign on your vehicle front and back side before you start learning.

For Learner’s License many RTO offices have already started conduction online tests. i.e. computer based screening test. Learner licence screening tests are generally in regional languages and English. Applicants are expected to answer few questions in given time and for a question having 1 mark 1 minute time is allotted. They pertain to mandatory, cautionary, information signages and questions on the Motor Vehicle Act and Rules.

Answering specific number of questions correctly is enough to pass the test and get the Learner’s License on the spot. Most of states having 60% passing mark and it varies from state to state and region to region throughout India.

The online tests are offered at most of Regional Transport Offices, it will be extended to other offices in coming few months.

However, in many RTO offices, applicants will also have to take the existing oral and/or written test along with online test and learner's driving licence is issued, depending on his/her performance in the test.

Many times we are not able to read through pdf files or we avoid doing that. And going through roughly 120+ mandatory, cautionary, information signages is quite boring.

We offer you online practice tests for learner's driving licence in English and in Marathi. We have designed simple practice tests which selects random questions from question bank and present you unique questions every time. This is quite interesting and can be played as a game. There will be questions with 4 options and you have to select single correct answer out of that. At the end of test when you submit your answers we present you your score and correct answers for wrongly answered questions.

And even if you are not appearing for Learner’s license, try out our tests to understand mandatory, cautionary, informa-tion signages and Traffic Rules.

Start practicing for Learner’s License and take online practice test to improve your knowledge on mandatory, cautionary, information signages and Traffic Rules. Have a cheerful and fruitful Practice Test.


Driving Licence Quick Test 10 Marks
Unlimited Free Driving licence quick test based on official RTO Signs and Signals. This practice test contains 10 Questions.
Driving Licence Practice Test 20 Marks
Driving Licence Sample Test 30 Marks
Driving Licence Quick Test Marathi
Driving Licence Practice Test Marathi
Driving Licence Sample Test Marathi
Driving Licence Quick Test Hindi
Driving Licence Practice Test Hindi
Driving Licence Sample Test Hindi

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K  K. THEJESH REDDY Commented On: 11-Mar-2020

My name is K. Thejesh Reddy S/O K. sreenivasulu Reddy

S  SIDDHESH B N Commented On: 13-Jul-2019

Questions are good and experience based.They seems to be very helpful.

A  ANKIT PAUL Commented On: 15-Mar-2018

Rto questions in ans

D  DATTATRAY KHAWALE Commented On: 08-Jun-2017

ड्राईव्हिंग शिकण्याची खूप इच्छा होती मी क्लासला प्रवेश देखिल घेतला. गाडी चालविणे जमू लागले होते हळू-हळू, पण लेखी भीती वाटत होती. तयारी कशी करावी हेच लक्षात येत नव्हते. परीक्षेची तयारी करणे तर गरजेचे होते. त्यासाठी मी आपल्या gopract.com या website चा वापर केला. बाकी काहीच वाचण्याची गरजा पडली नाही आणि दोन दिवसापूर्वी माझा Result लागला. मी पास झालो. thanks gopract च्या पूर्ण टिम ला. प्रवासात येता जाता मी प्रश्न सोडविले यामुळे वेळेचा उपयोग झाला. सर्वात महत्त्वाचे म्हणजे तुम्ही free प्रश्न दिले आहेत. पुन्हा एकदा gopract चे मनपूर्वक आभार.

M  MUHAMMED SUHAIL Commented On: 28-Apr-2017

Malayalam pleezz

S  SANDEEP SHARMA Commented On: 07-Jan-2017

Nic URL For Ptacticaly

R  RAHUL Commented On: 18-Nov-2016


S  SACHIN PATIL Commented On: 15-Oct-2016

want to learn driving

G  GOPRACT Commented On: 29-Sep-2016

@Sunita, Thanks for positive review, we also have Driving licence test questions in Marathi for practice.

S  SUNITA Commented On: 29-Sep-2016

Good collection of questions on driving licence test.thanks

A  ANIL VITTHAL SAWANT Commented On: 07-Sep-2016

want to learn driving

N  NILESH Commented On: 08-Aug-2016

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Police bharti

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