25 Mandatory Traffic Signs for Indian Roads

Mandatory and Compulsory traffic signs are used to inform road users of certain laws and regulations to provide safety and free flow of traffic. The violation of these signs is a legal offence.

Meaning for Mandatory and Compulsory (सक्तीचे आणि महत्वाचे चिन्हं) RTO signs are available in English and Marathi, and as given below.

Sign 1: Speed Limit Sign 1 Speed Limit वेग मर्यादा
Sign 2: No Entry Sign 2 No Entry प्रवेश बंद
Sign 3: One Way Sign, Entry allowed Sign 3 One Way Sign, Entry allowed एक मार्गी वाहतूक
Sign 4: Right Turn Prohibited Sign 4 Right Turn Prohibited उजवीकडे वळण्यास मनाई
Sign 5: Left Turn Prohibited Sign 5 Left Turn Prohibited डावीकडे वळण्यास मनाई
Sign 6: One Way, Entry Prohibited Sign 6 One Way, Entry Prohibited एक मार्गी वाहतूक
Sign 7: Load Limit Sign 7 Load Limit भार मर्यादा
Sign 8: Vehicle Prohibited in Both Directions Sign 8 Vehicle Prohibited in Both Directions दुमार्गी वाहतूक मनाई
Sign 9: Horn Prohibited Sign 9 Horn Prohibited हॉर्न वाजवण्यास मनाई
Sign 10: U-Turn Prohibited Sign 10 U-Turn Prohibited यू वळण घेण्यास मनाई
Sign 11: Overtaking Prohibited Sign 11 Overtaking Prohibited ओव्हरटेक करण्यास मनाई
Sign 12: No Parking Sign 12 No Parking वाहने पार्किग करू नयेत
Sign 13: Width Limit Sign 13 Width Limit रुंदी मर्यादा
Sign 14: Height Limit Sign 14 Height Limit उंची मर्यादा
Sign 15: No Stopping or Standing Sign 15 No Stopping or Standing वाहने थांबू नयेत
Sign 16: Restriction Ends Sign 16 Restriction Ends प्रतिबंध समाप्त
Sign 17: Stop Sign 17: Stop थांबा
Sign 18: Compulsory Turn Right Sign 18 Compulsory Turn Right सक्तीने उजवीकडे वळणे
Sign 19: Compulsory Turn Left Sign 19 Compulsory Turn Left सक्तीने डावीकडे वळणे
Sign 20: Compulsory Ahead Only Sign 20 Compulsory Ahead Only सक्तीने केवळ पुढे जाणे
Sign 21: Compulsory Keep Left Sign 21 Compulsory Keep Left सक्तीने डाव्याबाजूने जा
Sign 22: Compulsory Ahead or Turn Left Sign 22 Compulsory Ahead or Turn Left सक्तीने पुढे जाणे/डावीकडे वळणे
Sign 23: Compulsory Ahead or Turn Right Sign 23 Compulsory Ahead or Turn Right सक्तीने पुढे जाणे/उजवीकडे वळणे
Sign 24: Compulsory Sound Horn Sign 24 Compulsory Sound Horn सक्तीने हॉर्न वाजवा
Sign 25: Give Way Sign 25 Give Way मार्ग द्या

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R  R.KRISHNAN Commented On: 08-Mar-2018

A No parking sign with 30M mark with arrow on both sides what it means?

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