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Time and Work: Start Preparing for Your Career Aptitude Test

While preparing for the career aptitude test, you may also go through “Time and Work” problems. They appear simple to read but need tactics to reach the most accurate solution. Most of the time, candidates end up marking wrong answers in online aptitude test. Few simple mistakes due to lack of knowledge and practice can lead to huge harm to the overall score. Hence, experts always advise learning the most trusted shortcuts and techniques to solve these questions without compromising for accuracy. Your selected method must also save your time so that questions can be finished on time, and you can move to the rest of the paper as well.

Let us assume a case where a well is required to be dug within 10 days. Now, if one person can dig it in 10 days, it means he will be able to dig 1/10th of the same well in one day. It is the basic approach to understand and proceed with time and work-related questions. You can further use some advanced tactics to find answers fast and efficiently.

Combined formula to solve aptitude questions related to Time and Work:

One more important concept that is commonly applied to the time and work problems is related to the combined efficiency of two or even more people. When we talk about time and work questions, the rate at which machines or person work are usually pre-defined; candidates are generally asked to compute the rate at which those people can work together, or the condition may be vice versa.

Let us consider an example; it takes 3 and 6 hours for Ram and John to break a dam when they are working alone. Hence, in this case, Ram can break 33% (1/3rd) of the dam in one hour; whereas John can break 16.67% (1/6th) part of the dam in one hour. Furthermore, in two hours, Ram can destroy 66.66% of the dam whereas John can destroy 33.33% of it. Hence, if they both work together for two hours; they can destroy 66.66 + 33.33 percent or in simple words, 100% of the dam. 

The LCM approach to solving time and work problems:

Some time and work problems can be easily solved with LCM approach. In this case, the total work done is considered as LCM of the total number of days that each person takes to complete the task. For instance, let us consider that Rahul can do some task in 20 days, and Rohit can do the same task in 30 days. Now, the work can be represented as LCM of 20 and 30, that is equivalent to 60. It means, Rahul can do 60 units within 20 days, i.e., 60/20 = 3 units work in one day and in a similar manner, Rohit can do 60 units of work within 30 days, i.e., 60/30 = 2 units in a day. In case if they work on the same task together, they can finish it as 3+2 = 5 units in a day. Hence, a total of 60 units can be completed in 60/5 = 12 days.

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