Tips to Score 90% Marks in Board Exams

Tips to Score 90% Marks in Board Exams

A sign of alarm rings in very student's mind when there are just few months left for their board exams. Feeling anxious, fear and a sort of impaired thoughts that arises, as how to tackle, will I be able score high or is it possible to get more than 90% with a little time span left. Well I guess one should put a break to these thoughts and eradicate the word “impossible” from mind. We all know board exams are a vital phase in every student’s life. Moreover it is a deciding factor where you need to choose the stream that you would like to pursue. ICSE, CBSE exams can be cracked through your determination and hard work. So let's have a look at some simple strategies.

Stay Attentive in Class

Stay Attentive in Class
  • I know it is quite difficult to sit for long hours in class and concentrate. But there is nothing wrong in giving a try as it would be of great advantage for you. Do not allow your mind to wonder, stay concentrated so you may not miss any vital key points on any of the lectures.

  • Pen down those points, later it can be used as the reference for a topic you will be studying.

  • Complete your assessments without fail.

  • Make use of few memory tricks that would help you to remember several numerical, formulas, procedures and the one that you would find difficult to remember.

  • Identify your weak areas. Practice more by taking many tests as possible.

Regular Study

Stay Attentive in Class
  • First and the foremost is to adopt a learning style that you are comfortable. For instance, some prefer visuals or audios. Stick to the one you prefer and study regularly.

  • This habit aids to good performance in exams.

  • Make a framework of your syllabus. Ensure to assign time for each of the subjects. Here time management plays an important role.

  • Maintain separate notes for each subject.

  • Go through your chapters thoroughly. The first step is to rely on your syllabus book, i.e., NCERT, as questions do arise from the syllabus and they are designed based on it.

  • Ensure that you regularly practice reading and writing which in-turn enhances your writing skills. Clarify all your doubts without fail.

  • Revise whatever you have studied and have a glance of relevant topics. Do not make a mistake of referring other books at the last moment as you may end up confusing with topics that you know well.

Tackle Health

Stay Attentive in Class
  • On a day before exam be sure to take an adequate sleep of 8 hours. Next day get up early and just glance your syllabus.

  • Never leave with an empty stomach. Eat healthy. Otherwise, you may end feeling hungry and tired during the exams. Following healthy diet would help you to boost the performance of brain and aids to stay active.

  • Do not try to do anything apart from your regular diet. It may lead to some adverse effect.


Stay Attentive in Class
  • Before leaving to the exam take all the necessities.

  • Do not panic. Stay confident and do not indulge in any discussion regarding your subject before exam starts, it would not do any better.

  • Answer to the questions that you are familiar with at the first round and then attempt the answers that you are less confident. Make these three hours of your exam fruitful.

  • Concentrate on the presentation of the answer sheet because it’s finally the answer sheet that would fetch you marks.

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