Ever heard the phrase “The First Mover Advantage”? If you begin your NEET Preparation journey from class eleven, you will be amongst the few quick starters. Would you get an advantage out of it? Sure you will. With over two years to prepare for the exam, you will have ample time.

But don’t go overboard with the satisfaction of starting early. Time waits for none! And, if you waste it, these two years might just sound minuscule; compared to the efforts desired. So what do you do? You plan the perfect preparation strategy. Understand the advantages and implications of self-preparation and NEET Coaching. Choose the ideal mode that keeps you regular, keeps you on the track, is motivating enough, and offers you the scope to learn and enhance your knowledge; every step of the way.

NEET or the National Eligibility Entrance Test isn’t a fad anymore. It is something that gives wings to so many medical dreams every year. From local nationals to NRIs, lakhs of aspirants compete amongst themselves, to achieve top ranks and high percentiles in the medical entrance exam. They look for secured admission in MBBS/BDS programs or postgraduate courses in associated colleges. It’s not easy to meet the cut-offs, but each one of them tries hard. While some begin preparations from their Class Twelve and scramble hard, others like you can choose to start early to prepare at a smooth pace. You also get the opportunity to simultaneously prepare well for your school exams in class eleven and twelve.

‘Why’ Would You Need to Begin Early?

  • First and foremost, the NEET exam syllabus is a perfect mix of class eleven and twelve syllabi for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • If you begin during your class twelve, you will be stretching your mind and body a little too much. Preparing such vast syllabus in a year is not everyone’s cup of tea and those who are unable to succeed are forced to lose another year to re-attempt.
  • Class 11 syllabus is the core of the NEET syllabus for all three subjects. So, while you prepare for your school exams, you can begin referring NEET books for class eleven.
  • Adopting a steady pace of preparation allows ample time and a balanced spirit. You get to devote ample time to practice, revision, doubt removal, attempting sample tests etc. This is how you can adopt a stress-free regime to NEET preparation. Such a steady and distributed stepwise approach not only assists with preparing the subjects well but is also helpful towards adopting a stress-free regime.

NEET Coaching or Self-Preparation?

The question is neither new nor insignificant at this stage. The mode of your preparation journey should most certainly be a mix of the two options. While coaching gives the required guidance, self-preparation is required to boost the confidence levels. You can go in for a good online coaching institute that offers live online sessions for NEET preparation. Online institutes offer comprehensive study material, reference books, recordings of the sessions, doubt removal sessions, regular assessments, and more. You can also choose to attend the sessions at a convenient time, from the comfort of your home. When long hours of travel are cut down, the mind displays a higher level of readiness to accept and process more information. Moreover, you now have more time to make a self-preparation plan.

Go ahead and club your NEET Coaching with a spirited plan for self-preparation. You can schedule the available time well. The doubts that arise during your self-preparation journey can very well be catered by your online tutors during the doubt removal sessions. And, that’s not all! Anytime that you feel demotivated, you have access to a counselor through your online institute.

Once you are able to begin early, you also have ample time to perform a detailed subject-wise analysis to understand the paper patterns for the past five to ten years. Moreover, a two-year window is good enough for multiple attempts at mock tests and getting your concepts straight. While you prepare for NEET, your NCERT syllabus for classes eleven and twelve get prepared simultaneously. Are these not enough to motivate you to begin early - while still in class eleven?

As you begin your preparations, ensure that you:

  1. Use Time Wisely: You can allocate sufficient time to every topic. Analyze the past year papers to identify the most important topics. Your coaching center planner will also help you with this. Use the live coaching sessions and its recordings to get clarity about something that you are confused about.
  2. Stay Motivated: When there is a lack of motivation, we don’t really know our aim. Reach out to your tutors, school teachers, parents, and peers to stay motivated. Keep the competitive spirits burning. It will be of tremendous help during your NEET Preparation journey
  3. Practice, Practice, and Practice: Does practice have a substitute? No! So, enough time means enough opportunities to practice at your own pace. Do that!
  4. Stay Healthy and Stay Wise: A healthy mind and body support you with your aims and ambitions, and vice versa. So focus on your health.

All of what has been discussed above reflects the need to begin early. Early starters get the time to stand up when knocked down. Begin your NEET Preparations from class eleven to be safe than sorry.

Nishant's Author Bio

Nishant Sinha is the co-founder of emedicalprep.com, an Online Medical Coaching platform for Medical Entrance Exams like NEET (earlier known as AIPMT), AIIMS and other school entrance exams aiming for career in Medical sector. He is passionate about making Doctors and Medical aspirants meet their goal (NEET or AIIMS). The mission was clear to give breakthrough education to the students in the field of online Medical Exam Preparations and make them pass with flying colors in exams such as NEET, AIIMS or other medical entrance exams.

For this dream of his, he left his lucrative career in one of the American Management Consulting firms named Kurt Salmon Associates. He can rightly be called an optimistic entrepreneur and passionate educationist. You can check his LinkedIn profile to know more about him.

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R  RAHUL BARAVKAR Commented On: 10-Apr-2019

Very nice .neet exam quilifay candient are aplicable in AIIMS ?

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