Maha-SET State Eligibility Test for Assistant Professor (महा - सेट राज्यस्तरीय पात्रता परीक्षा)

SET January 2018

The U.G.C. has accredited the SET examinations being held by the University of Pune as the State Agency of the Government of Maharashtra and at the Government of Goa for Assistant Professor

सहायक प्राध्यापक पदासाठी राज्यस्तरीय पात्रता परीक्षा (महा - सेट)

Important Dates

  1. Commencement of online Application form (ऑनलाईन अर्ज) : 13/10/2017

  2. Last date for Applying Online (ऑनलाईन अर्जाची शेवटची तारीख) :- 26/10/2017

    Extended Date : - 6th November, 2017 (11.00 a.m.) to 8th November, 2017 (upto 6.00 p.m.)

  3. Availability of Admit Card on website (प्रवेशपत्र डाउनलोड) :- Not Available Yet

  4. Date of Examination (परीक्षा दिवस) : - 28/01/2018, Sunday

  5. Official Website :


The Examination will consists of Paper-I, Paper-II and Paper-III. The examination for all the three papers would be held on one day, in two separate sessions.

Session Paper Number of Questions Marks Duration
First I 60 out of which 50 questions are to be attempted 50 x 2 = 100 1-1/4 hours (10.00 a.m. to 11.15 a.m.)
First II 50 questions all of which are compulsory 50 x 2 = 100 1-1/4 hours (11.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.)
Second III 75 questions all of which are compulsory 75 x 2 = 150 2-1/2 hours (02.00 P.m. to 04.30 p.m.)

सत्र पेपर प्रश्न संख्या गुण कालावधी
प्रथम I ६० पैकी कोणतेही ५० प्रश्न सोडविणे आवश्यक ५० x २ = १०० १/४ तास (10.00 a.m. to 11.15 a.m.)
प्रथम II सर्व ५० प्रश्न सोडविणे आवश्यक ५० x २ = १०० १/४ तास (11.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.)
द्वितीय III सर्व ७५ प्रश्न सोडविणे आवश्यक ७५ x २ = १५० १/२ तास (02.00 P.m. to 04.30 p.m.)
  1. Paper-I shall be of general nature, intended to assess the teaching/research aptitude of the candidate. It will primarily be designed to test reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking and general awareness of the candidate. Sixty (60) multiple choice questions of two marks each will be given, out of which the candidate would be required to answer any fifty (50). In the event of the candidate attempting more than fifty questions, the first fifty questions attempted by the candidate would be evaluated.

  2. Paper-II shall consist of fifty (50) objective type compulsory questions based on the subject selected by the candidate. Each question will carry two marks.

  3. Paper-III will consist of 75 objective type compulsory questions from the subject selected by the candidate. Each question will carry two marks. All questions of Paper- II and Paper-III will be compulsory, covering entire syllabus (INCLUDING ALL ELECTIVES, WITHOUT OPTIONS).

  4. There will be no negative marking.

Practice/ Mock Tests Available
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T  TEJAS DESHMUKH Commented On: 05-Jan-2020

Plz provide library and information science paper set

S  SONIYA Commented On: 29-Jun-2017

Please try to add commerce subject

A  ANUBHUTI Commented On: 27-Jun-2017

Please,set questions related to all branchs of geography exp geomorphology, agriculture geography

R  RAVI GAIKWAD Commented On: 25-Apr-2017

dear team try to add life science subject for SET preparation...

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