Marathi language Questions based on Mandatory, cautionary, information signages and questions on the Motor Vehicle Act and Rules. Many Indian states including Maharashtra and regional transport offices (RTO s) have started conducting computer based tests before issuing licence; this practice test in Marathi is useful for understanding computer based exam of Learner’s Licence.

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D  DEEPAK PALANDE Commented On: 01-Mar-2017

Request for such application on mobile .....

D  DEEPAK PALANDE Commented On: 25-Feb-2017

Very good for preparing exam of driving test.

K  KIRAN S RQJPUT Commented On: 25-Jan-2017

Learner's licence

A  AMAN PATEL Commented On: 14-Jan-2017

This test is very nice & excellent

T  TEJAS TANPURE Commented On: 11-Dec-2016

Good practice test

R  RAVINDRA BHALERAO Commented On: 29-Nov-2016

Yours test is nice and excilent.

S  SANDEEP SALUNKHE Commented On: 28-Nov-2016

is it true for Driving licence


very good practice test

S  SACHIN Commented On: 24-Nov-2016


G  GAJU Commented On: 15-Nov-2016

Nice test ?

P  PRAMOD Commented On: 13-Nov-2016

Very nice

M  MADHAV Commented On: 11-Nov-2016

very interesting test

S  S R POTE Commented On: 11-Nov-2016


A  AKSHAY Commented On: 06-Nov-2016

Nice test

G  GOPRACT Commented On: 22-Oct-2016

Thanks Rushi!

R  RUSHI Commented On: 22-Oct-2016

Very good practice test

G  GOPRACT Commented On: 19-Oct-2016

Thanks @Prasad!

P  PRASAD NAIK Commented On: 17-Oct-2016

Good exam